Du Réel au Miniature

On June 22, my colleague Caroline and I visited Géraldine and Guy D. Laforge at the Railway Interpretation Center: ”Du Réel au Miniature”, at 1091 Victoria Street, here in Edmundston.

We started our visit inside a museum that had the appearance of an old hangar which, at the time, was used for the maintenance of the trains. Inside, Géraldine presented us this year’s exhibition on padlocks and specialized tools. After explaining to us the usefulness of these many ancient objects, she showed us their impressive collection of objects and tools that approximately counts 8000 different pieces that were all used in the past to accomplish specific tasks related to trains. We also learned that the majority of their projects, about 90% of them, are made from recycled materials.








Afterwards, we headed outside where we could see a large human solar clock as well as the famous GSC miniature train! Guy and Géraldine guided us along the train tracks by telling us about several of their future projects and how they don’t see them as extra work but rather as hours of fun!






We ended our visit with the interpretive room where we saw a miniature railway system that took us back in time across New Brunswick. Landscapes, buildings and even animals were all replicated to perfection, in miniature. It was very impressive to see all the details of the work as well as the many recycled materials they used to make such a scene!


Before leaving, we checked out the souvenir shop as we thanked Guy and Géraldine for sharing their passion with us. The Interpretation Center is open to public every day from 11 am to 6 pm for the summer season. Whether you are from here or elsewhere, I assure you that a stop at Guy and Géraldine’s will amaze you!

Jasmine Dupont student in information communication at University of Moncton

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