baker brookHistorical facts

The Municipality of Saint-Hilaire was named after Hilaire Cyr, who donated the land to build the first Catholic church.

Founded in 1869, Saint-Hilaire is one of the region’s oldest parish.

The Maxime-Albert Complex, a historical house, belonged to Mr Maxime Albert and his wife. In 1914, a fire destroyed the village’s first hotel. Bedind it, there was a stable housing the visitors’ horses.

Did you know?

During the prohibition, Saint-Hilaire was one of the most successful illegal commerce town. For there, the famous “hand-brand”, coming from Saint-Pierre et Miquelon was distributed. They also distilled home made liquor, known as the “bagosse”.

Did you know that Natasha St-Pier spent most of her childhood in Riceville, a region next to St-Hilaire.

Did you know that John Baker left an important mark in our history? In 1827, he contested the Canada/USA borders by hoisting a “Republic of Madawaska” flag and declaring it was part of the United States of America. He was accused of treason and then jailed.

For more information
Saint-Hilaire : (506) 258-3307
Baker Brook : (506) 258-3030

Must see

  • Pointe de Saint-Hilaire
  • Covered bridge (Joseph Morneault road)
  • Sacré-Coeur-de-Marie Church
  • “Bagosse” Day (moonshine) in August
  • Art gallery in the presbytary