When I bought the Patrimoine Restaurant  in 2011, I immediately started listening to the wants and needs of my clients.  I wanted to please the most loyal clients, who wanted to keep their traditional menus of wood-oven cooked pizza, as well as the most adventurous ones who seeked novelty and change. While some people expected that I would add pasta and other items on the menu, I decided to keep focus on what originally built in the name of the restaurant: the delicious wood-oven cooked pizza, made with fresh ingredients and served in a warm ambience.

What I did instead, to satiate my desire of novelty and change and to meet the expectations of our loyal clientele, I created a menu that changes along with the seasons or with the celebrations. While creating this menu, I always tried to include regional products. It can go from M. Clavette’s local bacon, or Italian sausages from L. Ouellette’s Butcher’s shop to cheese from le Détour cheese factory. We also created our own vinaigrettes, such as the traditional vinaigrette le Patrimoine, our flavoured oils and our blueberry and strawberry vinaigrette who has made its appearance for our summer season. ‘’Tante Blanche“, a very popular beer from Petit-Sault Brewers, our local Brewery, has even made its appearance on one of our pizzas, in addition to being served to our clients accompanied by other products from this local business.

If you’re in town, don’t hesitate to come discover, or rediscover, the Patrimoine Restaurant. We are open from 4 pm, Wednesday through Sunday.


Brigitte Cyr


Restaurant Le Patrimoine

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