Edmundston - Saint-Basile District

City of Edmundston - Quartier Saint-Basile

Historical facts

The region’s first religious parish, Saint-Basile was considered the centre of Madawaska for more than 100 years.

Saint-Basile highlights the heritage of a rich history. At the parish cemetery on Principale Street, the crosses display the names of the first Acadian families.

The oldest house in Saint-Basile is the Maison historique Cyr, built around 1810.

Did you know that...

Did you know that Saint-Basile is the birthplace of the song star Roch Voisine?

Did you know that this parish, which is proud to carry the title of «Cradle of Madawaska», celebrated its bicentenary in 1992?

Did you know that this is where the first Acadian families settled? Shortly after their arrival, French Canadians joined the group. The first French colony was established in Madawaska in 1785.

Did you know that just before the village limits is the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation reserve? It is the smallest community of its kind in New Brunswick.

Information: Madawaska Maliseet First Nation 506 739-9765.

Suggested itineraries

Visit historic sites

  • The Cyr Historic House
  • The cemetery and the historic chapel
  • The Memorial

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