Edmundston - Saint-Jacques District

City of Edmundston - Saint-Jacques District

Historical facts

The Saint-Jacques district is the gateway to the city of Edmundston and northwestern New Brunswick.

The Old Car Museum contains one of the 2,880 Bricklins built during the 15 months that the only car manufacturing plant in New Brunswick operated.

Did you know that...

Did you know that the Provincial Visitor Information Centre in Saint-Jacques is the busiest in the province?

Did you know that the New Brunswick Botanical Garden contains 30,000 annual flowers and 80,000 plants in twelve theme gardens and two arboretums? There is also an herbarium pavilion and a new celestial garden: Khronos.

Suggested itineraries

  • Start with a visit to the Vintage Car Museum
  • Take a tour of the NB Botanical Garden
  • Have dinner at one of the local restaurants Start your day with a bike ride on the Petit Témis Interprovincial Linear Park
  • Spend part of the day enjoying the activities available at Republic Provincial Park
  • For dinner, stop by one of the many small cantinas

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