Lucinda - A Witches Night Out : Dinner & Show

Lucinda - A Witches Night Out : Dinner & Show

Grey Rock Casino
100 Chief Joanna Blvd, M.M.F.N, NB
Paid event

It becomes abundantly clear, early in the performance, that Lucinda is something exceedingly special!

The phenomenon and mystique of this young girl is strange and uncanny, especially in an unsettling way!

Lucinda cannot speak, but communicates to the audience through her orator, "Caspian".

A true "Wiccan", she has the power to manipulate and warp reality at will, which she inherited by her spiritual bloodline! Knowing your thoughts before you do, this show is truly unique & one of a kind!

Joined by her soul sisters, your very presence changes the course of the evening!

This is the ultimate WITCHES NIGHT OUT.... In an eerie 17th century candlelight setting , a delicious 3-course meal, along with powerful music, costumes & cauldrons! We even have a special witches brew prepared for you!



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